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Four Possible Materials For The Bed Shell On Your Truck

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Putting a bed shell on your truck has many advantages, including more security for your truck and possibly better fuel efficiency. One of the major decisions you'll need to make when you choose a bed shell is what material you want your shell to be constructed from.

It's important to know what your material options are and what the advantages of each one are to decide on the best option for your truck. The following are four possible materials for the bed shell on your truck. 


Aluminum is a popular material option for truck bed shells. Aluminum bed shells are affordable and still quite durable. In particular, aluminum truck bed shells are popular for trucks used for commercial purposes. 

Aluminum is the way to go if you want a cost-effective bed shell that will stand up to the demands of the road reliably. 


If you want to choose a truck bed shell material that's a little higher in quality, you should choose fiberglass. Fiberglass truck bed shells are generally the most expensive bed shells out there. They're also quite heavy, so they might not offer much in the way of fuel economy improvements.

At the same time, fiberglass bed shells are also the most durable option out there. Fiberglass bed shells are attractive and can be found in just about any color to match the body color of the truck exactly. 

Fiberglass bed shells give a truck an SUV look. They can be relied on to last a long time, but they may also be expensive to repair if your truck gets in an accident and experiences body damage. 

Soft tops

A soft top is a less permanent bed shell option. Soft tops can be fairly quickly removed and put back on. Soft top shells are a bit like a tonneau top, but they are not permanent and offer more space within the truck bed.

Soft-top shells typically don't offer much security. However, they are usually waterproof, so they will protect the interior of the truck bed from exposure to moisture. 


One of the newest bed shell options available on the market is the composite bed shell. These bed shells are made from a combination of aluminum and fiberglass. They offer a mixture of the benefits of these two materials.

Composite bed shells are more durable than aluminum bed shells, but not quite as expensive as bed shells constructed from only fiberglass. 

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