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3 Tips For Dealing With An Overgrown Junk Car

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Getting rid of an old junk car is usually a pretty straightforward process. If the vehicle is easily accessible, you can call up a local scrapyard, arrange a pick-up, and say goodbye to that old rust bucket. Unfortunately, getting rid of a junker can be more challenging if it's in an area that a wrecker can't easily reach.

But don't give up hope if you've got an old, overgrown rusty junk car on your property! Instead, check out these three tips for freeing that car from its woody prison so you can send it off to your local scrapyard.

1. Check Its Condition

Before you get started, you'll want to examine the car's condition as best as possible. While it may be challenging to reach a thickly overgrown vehicle, you should do your best. Your main concerns are to check if the car can still roll and if it's mostly intact. Junk buyers will typically take nearly anything, but their tow driver will still need to be able to get the car on the truck.

Note that many flatbed wreckers can drag a car without wheels onto the bed, but you'll want to inform the scrapyard about this before scheduling a pick-up. If your vehicle can't roll, they'll need to ensure they bring an appropriate truck equipped with a winch. Getting this information before scheduling your pick-up will save you a lot of trouble when the wrecker arrives.

2. Make a Path

You don't need to worry about completely clearing the area around your old car. Light weeds and even bushes shouldn't be a problem since the wrecker driver will most likely use a winch to pull the car free from the surrounding growth. Instead, you should focus on creating a path for the truck to reach the vehicle. Ensure there's enough clear space for a flatbed to back into position.

While doing this, you should also make sure that the ground is stable enough for a truck to pass. If the wrecker needs to travel over your yard, you should avoid scheduling your pick-up after a rain when the ground is muddy. Wait for the soil to stabilize, so there's less chance for the truck to get stuck while towing your old car.

3. Consider Safety

Finally, it's courteous to perform a quick safety check on the car, especially if you haven't been near it for a while. Ensure no animals or bees are nesting in it, and deal with those problems before calling a scrap buyer. While this step isn't strictly necessary, it's the right thing to do and will put your wrecker driver at ease if you can tell them that you've already made the vehicle safe.

It might take slightly more work to free an overgrown car, but you don't have to live with an old wreck on your property. In most cases, a little elbow grease and a call to your local junkyard are all it will take to instantly beautify your yard. A company like Windward Auto Removal Service may have more of what you're looking for.