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Auto Body Damage Myths Corrected

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Even minor automobile accidents can often have major repercussions for the body of the car. When this is the case, it will be necessary to have a professional repair the body of the vehicle. For those that have never had an aluminum-body car repaired, it can be easy to be misinformed about this routine auto repair work.

Myth: All Aluminum Body Dents Will Require Body Filler To Correct

Dents are among the most common problems that car owners will find themselves encountering. When your car's exterior develops minor dents, it can be tempting to avoid repairing this issue due to the belief that it will be expensive, lengthy and require body filler. Luckily, this is not usually the case when it comes to minor aluminum dents as paintless dent repair is a practical option for those needing to have this type of damage repaired. When paintless dent repair is used, a device will be used to create enough suction to pull the dent out of the aluminum body component.

When the dent is too severe to be removed using this option, body filler will likely be the next best solution. However, there can be situations where the dent is too severe for body filler to correct, and this will require replacing the dented part of the car. An experienced body repair professional will be able to evaluate the severity of the damage to your car so that you will know the repair option that will be best.

Myth: Only Old Cars Are Prone To Developing Rust

There are many car owners that assume that rust will not be a serious problem for their car until it is many years old. However, it is a reality that there are many forms of auto body damage that can cause rust to form very quickly. In particular, this occurs when the exterior paint or metal sealant becomes compromised. Once this occurs, regular moisture exposure will gradually cause the aluminum and steel to corrode. As this problem worsens, it will spread throughout the body of the car, and it can severely weaken it.

Keeping your car in good condition is important for protecting the appearance of your car as well as its resale value. In order to protect the car against common forms of body damage, it is important to understand the various options that are available for repairing body dents and the fact that the car's body can quickly form rust if the paint or metal sealants are compromised. Talk with a company like Exoticar Paintworks Inc for more information.