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3 Steps For Getting Rid Of Fine Scratches In Your Car's Paint

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If you drive your vehicle on a daily basis, it's inevitable that the car will become scratched at some point. Fine scratches can be caused by tree branches hitting your vehicle, a shopping cart grazing your car in a parking lot, or the door of the car in the stall next to yours hitting your vehicle.

No matter the cause of the scratch, removing fine scratches will help you improve the aesthetic of your car. You can use a simple three-step approach to removing fine scratches in your car's paint.

1. Clean the scratched area thoroughly.

It's absolutely essential that you begin by cleaning the area that has been scratched thoroughly. You don't want any dirt or debris particles to cause further damage to your paint finish as you begin working to remove fine scratches.

Use soap, water, and a soft cloth to wipe away any particulate matter that might be present on the surface of your car. Allow the area time to dry, then move on to step number two.

2. Rub the scratched area with wet sandpaper.

Minor scratches can be buffed out of your car's paint using sandpaper. It's important that you use a fine sandpaper to prevent additional scratches from forming. Get the sandpaper wet, as this provides a lubricating barrier that will help buff out the scratch safely.

Apply some wax to the scratched area, then lightly rub the sandpaper over the scratch until it has disappeared. You may have to wash the area and repeat the buffing process several times in order to achieve the results you are looking for.

3. Apply a fresh coat of wax.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your vehicle, you can finish off the scratch-repair process by applying a fresh coat of wax to your car. As you buff out the scratch with sandpaper, you will also be removing the protective clear coat that covers your car's paint.

Applying a quality car wax to the repaired area will help create a barrier against moisture and other contaminants that could cause your vehicle to rust.

Addressing fine scratches on the surface of your car doesn't have to be difficult. While you can successfully treat minor scratches in your driveway or garage, you need to leave the repair of major scratches to a professional collision repair shop. If you can see metal through the scratch, your vehicle's frame is exposed and the scratch will need to be professionally repaired in order to preserve the integrity of your car.