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Why You Need A Pickup Truck If You're A Horse Owner

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If you own horses but don't have a pickup truck, you might want to think about buying one as your next vehicle. Even though it might be possible to have horses without having a pickup truck, a pickup truck can make your life easier in a number of ways, including these.

Haul Hay and Horse Feed

As a horse owner, you probably already know that horses eat a lot. Having to haul bags of horse feed in your existing vehicle might be challenging if you don't have a pickup truck, and you might only be able to buy a couple of bags at a time, which means that you might have to make a lot of trips to the feed store. If you have a pickup truck, though, you'll have plenty of room to haul larger amounts of horse feed at one time.

Additionally, having a pickup truck will give you room to haul hay. Along with enjoying the extra space, you can also help avoid the mess that can happen when you haul small bales of hay in your car. After all, hay can go everywhere when you're hauling it, but if you haul the hay in the back of your pickup truck, then it will be a breeze to sweep the extra hay out.

Pull a Horse Trailer

Even though you might not move your horse very often, it'll be a good thing to have a horse trailer — and to be able to pull the horse trailer with your truck — when you do need to take your horse to a different place. If you want to take your horse to a horse show or if there is a nearby trail that you'd like to visit but that might be too far to travel to on foot, having a truck and a horse trailer will help you out. Just make sure that you buy a pickup truck that has the towing capacity that is needed to haul a horse trailer.

Keep Dirty Items Out of Your Vehicle

Working with horses can be a messy job. You might not like bringing your dirty muck boots or horse tack in the passenger area of your car, but you might have to if you don't have a pickup truck. If you buy a pickup truck, though, you can put the messy stuff in the back so that you don't have to bring it in the passenger area of your vehicle.

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